Why Microsoft Power BI Tool Necessary for Business?

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Power BI offers users with little to no understanding of data visualizations to easily build charts and graphs that transform their data into tangible business insights. The interface has a drag and drop system that doesn’t require the user to have anything more than familiarity with the data and an idea of what they want to know. And with the extensive features that go beyond just making charts, Power BI allows for more experienced users to build out complex solutions with the ability for on-screen interaction and manipulation.

Microsoft’s Power BI application is one of the programs you can use to do that. Faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students can access Power BI (along with a number of other pieces of Microsoft’s cloud suite) through the Portal and use it in a web browser or download the desktop edition of the software to their computer to use there.

Power BI (the BI stands for “business intelligence”) was created by Microsoft to be a powerful data visualization application. A program that could handle large amounts of data, and produce quick visuals and interactive reports to summarize and interpret that input without sacrificing quality.

Getting Started with Microsoft’s Power BI
Step 1: Clean and Format Your Data
Step 2: Upload Your Data
Step 3: Know What Story You Want to Tell
Step 4: Share Your Visualizations

So, for those of you new to Power BI, this should help you get started. It’s not a difficult program to use, just one that requires a little time and experimentation to get the results you’re looking for.

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