The most effective method to Make Your Own Hyperlocal Radio Station

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Ever fantasy about turning into a radio character? While fiddling with a FM transmitter for MP3 players, engineer Denise Lee acknowledged she could support its reach to transform her music into a public broadcast. “This is the least expensive type of transmission innovation,” she says. Her assemble lets you share your NPR voice with neighbors, the school quad, or individual campers—up to around 100 feet away.


Time: 30 minutes

Cost: $15

Trouble: Medium

Apparatuses and Materials

Belkin TuneCast II FM Transmitter


Welding iron

70 mm of copper wire

Adaptive recieving wire

Electrical tape

Craft glue firearm

Wire shaper


1.Eliminate the screw over the transmitter’s battery compartment and tenderly get into the crease close to the DC input.

2.The inductor to one side of the transmitter’s screen is welded at two focuses along the edge of the circuit board. Cautiously heat the bind to eliminate and dispose of the inductor.

3.Bind one finish of the copper wire to the inductor’s correct contact point and the other to the recieving wire’s base. After the patch cools, cover the association with electrical tape.

4.Paste the radio wire into the opening inverse the assistant link. Eliminate the first recieving wire  and seal up the transmitter once more.