Guest Pro Index always welcomes technology writers, blogger and digital marketing experts to write for us as a guest author. It is a growing blog that keeps quality information about the technology, digital marketing, SEO, Mobile app and web design. So start to write for us to add your article on our technology, digital marketing & multi niche blog.

We are different than other common technology and multiple niche blogger. Words quantity in content is not big thing. Only quality article will be accepted on guest pro index posts. One more thing, There is no necessity to be an absolute writer and blogger.

If you are new blogger and writer and you have good knowledge about any topic related to multiple niche then you can feel free to write for us. It will be good opportunity to newbie blogger to show skill.

Your written content should be written according to search console guidelines. Content should be informative and catchy with proper ways such as Heading and sub heading that help to user in understanding the article.

What about guest post?

Guest post means writing the article and publish the article on someone else blog or website. It is right way to connect with readers. It’s way to bring new audience to your blog and can improve the online presence of your brand. Guest posting is an off page seo process that can help to get the quality backlink for your blog.

It would be great if you are publishing the article for reader not for link building purpose. Guest blogging build the relationship to other blogger. If you are blogger and you don’t have time to write the content for your blog then you can start to accept the guest post on your blog.

You need to create a write for us page on your blog and keep your blog guide line on this page. Write for us page can help the guest blogger to understand the blog guide line. So save your valuable time by accepting the gust post on your blog.

Some guest blogger can send your duplicate content as guest post for your blog. It will be very difficult to identify who are genuine guys. But there are many tools available online through which you can check the quality of the article that is provided by the guest blogger.

Then site owner will provide the backlink for your site form author bio that will be good as an SEO point of view.
Guest posting is good for both sides, you will get the link from the website and the site owner will get the fresh content that helps in bringing new users to the site.

Following are your aim with guest blogging

• Representation your website to a completely new audience
• set up yourself as a ‘thought leader’ in your pasture
• Build up relationships with other bloggers in your field

Is Guest Posting Still Good for SEO and Link Building?

We know very well that guest posting is part of the Seo and also considered a good link building technique. But in 2014 Matt Cutts, Google’s former head of webspam said that you are using the guest posting, only to get the link to your site. You are not using the guest blogging for the reader.

So please site owner should stop to accept the guest post on your blog, as a possibility to receive the many duplicate contents on-site. But the guest post is still alive if you will do this ethical way.

You will have to write the content only for the audience. You are aiming to teach and add value to your target audience. Providing quality content should be the primary aim of the guest blogging.

Backlink and how many users are coming to your site from the blog should be secondary. Taking this approach will assist you with search engine guidelines. That’s means yours site will not be penalized by the Google.

If you are the guest blogger and looking for contributing the quality guest post to another website, but before sending the content for a guest post, you should check the traffic of this for which you are going to write the guest post.

Write for Trustworthy and Relevant Sites only

If you are looking to submit the guest post then you first need to check the traffic of the website and another matrix of the site, website structure which CMS will be used to manage the content on the site. There are many tools with the help of them, you can easily determine the traffic and inbound link of the blog.

Moz’s domain authority also plays an important role to determine the authority of the site. You should check the guest blogging is visible in the search engine or not. By using the, you can check site indexing, if the site is not indexing then you should not contribute the guest post such blog as this blog has been panelized by the Google.

One more and important thing that is site trustworthy and relevant, always contribute the guest post for the only trustworthy and relevant site, as from here you will receive the relevant traffic on your blog. Once you get the opportunity to write for another blog, you first check all the matrix of the site properly.

Don’t Abuse Anchor Text in Guest post:

All bloggers are aware that Guest posting is the process of contributing a post to another person’s blog and build a relationship with the blogger. We get a backlink from another website and produce more traffic for the website. It doesn’t use the exact match keyword as anchor text for each link you receive from the guest post.

Keep the natural link in the guest post; also google will count this link as a natural link. Don’t stuff the more keyword in the guest post as you are writing the information for someone else blog and he needs quality and trustworthy information on the blog.

What should I do after finding the Guest post site?

Once you find the guest post site, check the relevancy of the site with your site if relevant then send the request to the site owner to submit a guest post.

There will be difficult to find the contact email of the site owner. You can get contact information from the contact page and about us page. There are many bloggers in the digital world, but some of them accept the guest post. You will receive the email from the site owner that he is ready or not to accept the guest post.

If ready to accept then you should start to read the blog guideline and create the compete for an article according to the blog guideline and send it to blog owner to review process, he can take two-three days to review your content an post content. This is the way to submit the guest post on another blog.

Guest post Submission Guidelines:

1. Your article should be unique and free from grammar mistakes; also it is specifically written for Guest Pro Index.

2. Article title shouldn’t longer than 76 characters.

3. Content length should be a minimum of 600 words and should cover all topic, each one also knows that half-cocked food nobody like. Also if you want to add infographic then you have to provide some content 200 words to represent the Infographics

4. Your content shouldn’t publish on other sites; we will remove it immediately if we have found you have published your article on other blog sites.

5. One thing you have to remember that will not accept an article if it is already added. If you want to write for us then you would have to follow the following blog guideline. Read the blog guideline carefully.

6. Send images that represent your article, it should be free images, you can take an image from Pixabay, Flickr, Pexels.

7. You can add one link in the article body and other links in the bio of the author. Also, you can add one link of social profile likes Facebook, google

8. We will take one business day to review your article if it matches to guideline post it.

9. You can send the article(s) in “*.DOC“, “*.DOCX“ format.

10. Add only natural keywords in your article to make it natural.

11. We think LSI keywords will be the best fit in content to make it more natural; you can generate the LSI keywords with the help of some tools.

12. Provide a meta tag for your guest post article. Meta tags would help to improve guest post ranking in SERP. To Read the Google webmaster guideline and send Title and description. We will add these meta tags with your post.

Please note that Guest Pro Index reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice.