Most Beautiful Hiking & Trekking Where to Go in Colombia?

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For a long time, Colombia was outside the field of play to vacationers, because of a dangerous mix of illegal intimidation and medication dealing, however late harmony bargains have seen the nation arising as one of the world’s most different locations.

A climb to the Lost City (Ciudad Perdida) ought to be at the highest point of each brave explorers’ pail list.

Prior to going out traveling, you should better realize how to design an excursion

Santa Clause Marta

Santa Clause Marta, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, lies at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is the beginning stage for the journey. The coast has long sandy seashores, ideal for unwinding previously or after your walk. I’m on edge to get moving at the same time, before I set off, I plant a Ceiba sapling in the woods. Local people accept any wish caused will to be conceded and, obviously, I’m seeking after achievement in arriving at the Lost City.

Dating from the seventh century, the Spanish conquistadors cleared out the Tairona, the individuals who fabricated it, in their hunger for the Gold of Eldorado. Relinquished in the mid-sixteenth century, it wasn’t generally lost, just overlooked, until burial chamber burglars rediscovered it during the 1970s. It’s as yet holy to the indigenous Kogi individuals, direct relatives from the Tairona, and access is carefully restricted.

El Mamey

It’s a four-day journey, there and back, and you need to go as a feature of a gathering with nearby aides. Despite the fact that the separation covered is just around 52km, you do require a specific measure of wellness, in spite of the fact that they state that anybody can do it. We start with a bone-breaking 4WD excursion to the beginning of the journey at El Mamey. Different climbers are altogether youthful, not exactly a large portion of my age, the dominant part Dutch, with a modest bunch of Americans and Canadian.

The evening begins with a difficult trip tough and obviously, I’m the moderate one at the back, with the long-legged Dutch pushing on ahead. The dampness is high and a couple of Kogi ladies, in their unmistakable white frocks, pass me on donkeys.

I drop down to the initial camp by the waterway and dive into the profound water pools to wash off the day’s work. Food is straightforward yet abundant and we snooze cots under mosquito nets.

The subsequent day is the hardest, as we climb further into the mountains and developed fields offer a route to the tropical timberland.

At a Kogi town, the ladies and kids rise up out of round covered cottages to watch us pass. Piglets snuffle around in the mud, and I’m told the men are out chasing. Later there are streams to cross, for some on a jackass, however since it’s the dry season the water is shallow.

The Lost City

Our night’s camp is inside the striking separation of the Lost City. The evening time hints of the backwoods hush me to rest. It’s an early call, not long before sunrise, and afterward, a precarious move up a progression of 1200 greenery covered strides into the fog. A few fighters waving programmed weapons watch the passage. English vacationers were hijacked here in 2003 by ELN guerrillas and held for 103 days, and the specialists are playing it safe.


In contrast to that different celebrated lost city, Machu Picchu, the structures here were made of wood and cover, much like the cottages I saw before, so just the establishments remain. There is a progression of concentric circles, on wide patios like manicured yards, associated by winding pathways. Spread over a zone of around 30 hectares, 250 porches have been found up until now. Around 4000 individuals are accepted to have lived here at its pinnacle.

Evidently, there are different settlements lost in the wilderness. As the early morning fog lifts, permitting the daylight to pierce the dark green shade. The main sounds originate from the winged creatures and a close-by cascade. As we unwind on the patios, taking it all in, two shots ring out. My aides state it’s just the Kogi out on a chasing endeavor and there’s no should be frightened.

The main path back is to follow our means and go through one more night in the woods. It’s not actually all declining from here, but rather I feel glad I’ve arrived at my objective. Furthermore, the divine beings appear to be my ally – the skies cover over and I’m not engaging the blasting sun. In spite of the fact that it’s muggy work, I’m appreciative I’ve picked the dry season. At the point when the downpours come, it’s a totally unique recommendation. The ways are sloppy the waterways are high and everything is for all time drenched. To avoid anything related to the parasites.

Obviously, it’s not over until it’s finished I actually locate the following couple of days difficult spot. Somewhat mortifying even, as different adventurers overwhelm me. At last, I show up back in El Mamey where the remainder of my gathering are now on their subsequent lager. There’s a series of acclaim – evidently, they didn’t know I’d make it. It gives me incredible bliss to have demonstrated