Instructions How to make your earphones more agreeable

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With a decent pair of earphones, your music can sound indescribable…and your head can feel like it’s in a waste disposal unit. Regardless of where they’re harming you, you’ll get much more agreeable in case you’re willing to mod them a smidgen.

Each pair of jars is extraordinary, which implies there’s nobody size-fits-all answer for the distress they cause. So as an initial step, investigate your earphones to check whether you can sort out where the torment is coming from and why. Perhaps the band is diving into your head, or the clipping power is excessively close around your ears.

“My ears get excessively hot!”

Numerous earphones accompany rich yet plasticky phony calfskin ear cushions, which can make you sweat like a polar bear in Louisiana. The arrangement is straightforward: Get milder, more breathable velour (or phony velour) ear cushions. Numerous organizations make reasonable outsider cushions for well known earphone models, so search around Amazon to locate the correct pair for the model you own.

“The headband harms my skull!”

A few earphones cushion the band with delicious measures of memory foam…and others cover the hard plastic in modest, flimsy texture. In the event that your headband feels like it’s squeezing directly on the pinnacle of your skull, you’ll need to add some additional padding.

“They make my glasses dive into my head!”

Nobody comprehends the predicament of awkward earphones like somebody with glasses. Regardless of whether they have generally light cinching power and delicate cushions, an enormous pair of over-the-ear earphones will consistently push on your edges, making them tunnel into your sanctuary. Trust me, I’ve attempted many.

“The earphones clip excessively hard!”

You need your earphones to remain on your skull, not slide around while you sway your head to the music. However, when they brace excessively hard, it very well may be excruciating. Fortunately, the arrangement is pretty simple: Stretch them out.

“The drivers press against my ears!”

To do it in any case, take some froth or other cushioning and stuff it under the ear cushion, right around. This should expand the thickness of the cushion, making more space inside the cup for your ears. I utilized patron pole

As far as I can tell, this makes the sound a touch bassier and muddier, yet various kinds of cushioning will create various outcomes. You may even need to try out a couple of various materials to locate the correct equilibrium of solace and sound for you. When you do, you’ll can’t help thinking about how you went for such a long time without it.