Instructions How to fabricate a DIY sun powered broiler

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You needn’t bother with a gas oven to prepare a hot supper while you’re out investigating. Lightweight level pack materials like cardboard can amass into a stove that bridles daylight for heat. This sun based broiler, planned by secondary school understudy Brandon Spellman, can arrive at temperatures above 200°F.


Time: 2 hours

Cost: $30

Trouble: Easy

Instruments and Materials

Two cardboard boxes

Box shaper

Silicone cement

1-inch-thick froth protection

Dark gaffer tape


Eight 1-foot bamboo sticks

Aluminum tape

Sheets of glass or plastic

Broiler gloves


Line within one box with cement and froth protection, and cover the protection with gaffer tape.

Cut copies of the main box’s folds from the subsequent box. Tape the copies to the external edges of the firsts, multiplying their surface zone.

Stick two sticks into each side of the container to prop open the folds. Change their plots for greatest daylight, utilizing this helpful guide.

Slice cardboard triangles to fit in the holes between the folds and attach them with gaffer tape. Cover the folds with aluminum tape.

To cook, lay the glass on the protection and position the broiler to get the daylight. It gets hot, so handle with stove gloves when it’s cooking.