How to Troubleshoot Common PC Problems

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1. PC Overheating

A warming PC hinders the entire framework and prompts continuous accidents. Moreover, PC segments may likewise get forever harmed because of steady presentation to warm.

There are two primary reasons your PC warms up, for example either the cooling framework isn’t working appropriately or the PC is warming to the point your cooling framework can’t deal with it any longer. In one or the other case, I have composed a far reaching article on various answers for handle an overheating PC. Do look at it.

2. Broken USB Port

In the event that your USB port quits working, it’s a bit much that it’s messed up. The following are a few arrangements that can fix this issue:

Technique 1: Restart the PC

Restarting the PC is the response to numerous issues, and it is a typical answer for USB port issue also.

Technique 2: Uninstall USB port driver

Uninstalling the driver of the USB port will constrain Windows to reinstall it when you will restart the PC. This may fix the issue. Here is the way to do it:

Press Windows + R enters and enter devmgmt.msc in the Run discourse to open the Device Manager.

Here, grow Universal Serial Bus regulators alternative.

Presently right-click the passage USB Host Controller and afterward click on Uninstall.

Rehash this for all sections with USB Host Controller to uninstall drivers for all the USB ports.

Once erased, restart the PC and Windows will consequently reinstall the drivers and fix any driver issues.

Technique 3: Disable USB specific suspend

USB Selective Suspend is a Windows power sparing element that suspends unused or inactive USB ports to monitor power. Now and then it could prevent a USB port from working. Here is the manner by which to handicap it:

Press Windows + R keys and type powercfg.cpl in the Run exchange to open Windows Power alternatives.

Here snap on Change plan settings close to your present arrangement and afterward click on Change progressed power settings.

Presently, extend USB settings and incapacitate USB specific suspend setting.

Restart the PC to check whether it fixes the USB port issue.

impair usb suspend

Note: This choice should be kept empowered on the off chance that you need to spare battery power. On the off chance that it doesn’t fix the USB port issue, at that point empower it once more.

3. PC continues detaching from WiFi

On the off chance that your Wi-Fi is turned out great however your PC continues disengaging from it, at that point your PC’s organization card may not be accepting full force. Windows has an implicit force saver choice that gives less capacity to the organization card. You have to debilitate this component:

Go to Advanced settings in the Power Options.

Here grow Wireless Adaptor Settings and afterward extend Power Saving Mode.

Set this to Maximum Performance.

max execution

4. PC signals

The PC motherboard is sufficiently keen to recognize issues and sounds blares in various rhythms to let you know. Here is an article on what it really implies when the PC blares on different occasions.

On the off chance that the PC doesn’t begin after the blares, at that point it’s normally hard to tackle the difficult yourself. Nonetheless, I will list down two of the most widely recognized issues because of which blares happen, and fortunately, you can settle them yourself also.

Issue 1: Out of spot RAM

A difficult I as of late managed. On the off chance that the RAM inside your PC gets free or strange, at that point your PC will blare 2-3 times and won’t boot by any stretch of the imagination. The arrangement is basic, open up the (PC clients should let a specialist handle this) and reinsert the RAM. Here’s the ticket:

Take out the RAM totally and clean any soil inside the space utilizing a cotton bud.

Presently embed back the RAM and put enough focus on the two closures to guarantee it is completely inside.

Thereafter, close the clasps and ensure they’re appropriately bolted. Indeed, even a somewhat free RAM will be not able to work.

This video should help you appropriately introduce the RAM

Issue 2: Recently added equipment

A harmed or wrongly introduced equipment segment could prompt signals. Take out any recently added equipment segments and check whether it takes care of the issue. On the off chance that the PC works fine a short time later, at that point either get it introduced appropriately or sort it out (or supplanted).

5. PC Fans not working

On the off chance that you notice at least one fans in your PC aren’t working, at that point it very well may be because of the soil inside. You should open up the PC and utilize a compacted air can or a leaf blower to tidy up the fans and different segments.

In the event that soil wasn’t the issue, at that point you can likewise utilize the SpeedFan application to perceive what is the issue. The application will let you control the fans to make them work once more. Despite the fact that your PC motherboard must help fan control to utilize this application.

6. PC not utilizing a segment of RAM

Here and there your PC may not utilize a bit of RAM. For instance, You may have 4GB of RAM, yet your PC possibly utilizes 2GB when you check it from the Task Manager. This is normally a Windows setting issue.

Note: If a couple of MBs (200-400MB) of RAM isn’t being used, at that point it’s likely being utilized by PC equipment and you can’t take care of business.

The answer for this issue is straightforward – Windows more likely than not been arranged to just utilize a segment of the RAM. Here is the way to fix it:

Press Windows + R keys and type msconfig in the Run exchange to open System Configurations.

Move to Boot tab and snap on Advanced alternatives.

Presently check the checkbox close to Maximum memory and enter the most extreme sum RAM you have introduced (in MBs).

Snap on OK and restart the PC to let it produce results.

Your PC fan runs as indicated by how much your PC is warming. The higher the temperature, the quicker the fan will run. On the off chance that your PC temperature is fine (you can utilize HWMonitor to check it), however the fan is running at max throttle; at that point you’ll need to physically control it.

You can utilize the SpeedFan application for this reason too. It will disclose to you the running velocity of the apparent multitude of fans inside your PC so you can deal with their speed. Try not to stress over application similarity, exhausting fan issue just occurs with motherboards that can control the fans.

8. PC crashes prior to stacking the OS

On the off chance that your PC just shows maker logo and, at that point crashes just before it should stack the working framework, at that point it’s an issue with RAM or hard plate. As the OS can’t stack, at that point either the RAM is tainted and can’t hold the boot loader or the hard drive is harmed and can’t stack information inside it.

On the off chance that you have different RAM openings, at that point taking out every last one of them individually and beginning the PC will help discover the guilty party. Eventually, you should supplant the defiled RAM or the hard plate, whichever has the issue.

9. PC isn’t fueling on

In the event that your PC isn’t fueling on by any means – not so much as a solitary light in it, at that point it must be an issue with the force source.

Work area clients: If your PC’s electrical rope, electrical plug, and different associations are turned out great, at that point the issue might be with the PC’s capacity link. Supplant the force link of the screen with the CPU’s (on the off chance that you don’t have an extra) to check whether it turns on. You’ll need to get another force link if this fixes the issue.

PC clients: Take out the battery and set it back prior to beginning the PC. In the event that this doesn’t work, at that point take out the battery again and associate the charging link to the PC. Start the PC on charger force and check whether it works. You should supplant the battery on the off chance that it fixes the issue.

Note: You ought to likewise eliminate a wide range of outer gadgets associated with your PC while attempting this. A breaking down gadget may cause this issue.

10. Boisterous PC

On the off chance that you hear a great deal of additional commotion while utilizing the PC, at that point most likely it is a supplication to tidy it up. Get it cleaned or utilize a container of packed air or leaf blower to tidy it up yourself. On the off chance that you have overclocked your PC GPU and CPU, at that point they could be the purpose behind the commotion also.

11. Uproarious hard drive

On the off chance that you hear clicking or pounding sound from the hard drive, at that point it very well may be an ideal opportunity to get another one. Hard drives have a restricted life expectancy and noisy sounds are the fundamental indication of a close to hard drive disappointment. You can utilize CrystalDiskInfo hard drive observing device to check the strength of your hard drive. The apparatus will disclose to you the current wellbeing of the hard drive with signs like “Great”, “Alert” or “Terrible”.

12. Blue Screen of Death

The feared Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) can happen because of both programming and equipment issues, however for the most part, it’s an equipment issue. Whatever the reason, BSOD requires quick consideration as it’s an indication of a major issue.

BlueScreenView is an incredible Nirsoft utility that will show significant data on the off chance that you have as of late endured a Blue Screen of Death. You ought to have the option to recognize and take care of the issue utilizing this data. The following are some regular purposes behind BSOD and their answers

1. Tainted drivers

A degenerate driver might be the reason for BSOD. To locate that out, utilize the accompanying advances:

Open Device Manager by composing devmgmt.msc in the Run.

Here grow every menu and search for a yellow triangle symbol close to every driver.

In the event that you locate any, right-click on it and select Update Driver Software to refresh its driver.

2. An excessive amount of tension on the RAM

In the event that you open an excessive number of projects that RAM can’t deal with, at that point it might freeze the framework and show BSOD. For that, you ought to either quit opening an excessive number of projects or redesign the RAM.

3. Defective hard plate

BSOD is likewise an indication of a perishing hard circle, utilize the guidelines in issue #11 above to recognize hard plate issues.

4. Warming PC

Warming PC likewise prompts BSOD if an excess of weight is put on the segments. Utilize the guidance in issue #1 to comprehend it.

13. Clear screen

On the off chance that your screen isn’t demonstrating anything, at that point this could be an issue with the screen itself or the designs card. You ought to interface the screen to another PC to see whether the issue is with the PC or the screen.

On the off chance that the screen isn’t fueling on by any means, at that point supplant the force link with a working one and check whether it makes a difference. Here is a decent article on the best way to fix a screen that isn’t demonstrating anything.