How to launch many programs with one shortcut in Windows 10

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Need to become familiar with a straightforward tip that spares 2 seconds of your time? I’ll tell you the best way to dispatch various projects from a solitary alternate route. Some applications go together normally. For example, Steam and Raptr, Winamp and, MS-Word and Photoshop, and so forth

Contingent upon what you do on your PC, you’ll notice that you are continually utilizing at least two projects simultaneously consistently. In the wake of perusing this guide, you’ll figure out how to package these applications to dispatch when you double tap one alternate way.

Dispatch various projects with one alternate route

We’ll arrange the cycle into three simple advances:

Get the projects’ objective ways.

Make a cluster record.

Make an alternate way with the cluster document.

Peruse on, as we experience the point by point ventures for designing an easy route that opens different windows programs on the double.

1 )Get the projects’ objective ways

The initial step to opening numerous projects with one easy route is to get the objective ways of the apparent multitude of projects. Here’s the way to discover the program ways.

Press the Windows catch and quest for the projects. At the point when the application appears in the indexed lists, right-click on it and select the Open record area choice. This takes you to the index in which the application’s executable document dwells.

Right-click on the alternate way and go to the Properties choice. In the Properties window, change to the Shortcut tab. Duplicate out everything in the Target field and glue in a Notepad note in the organization beneath:

Enter compact disc, glue the full way to the application, and hit ENTER. This progressions the registry to that of the program.

Do the above strides for all the projects that you need to open with the alternate way. Hit ENTER after the ways to every one of the applications.

2) Create a group record

With the application ways spared in your Notepad, you presently need to make the cluster record from which we can run the two projects on the double.

Add @echo off to the highest point of the note. With this, orders won’t show in the Command Prompt while executing the cluster document.

Add exit at the lower part of the note to stop the cluster document subsequent to executing the group record.

The substance of your Notepad should now resemble this:

batchfile to open various projects without a moment’s delay

@echo off

disc “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\Chrome.exe”

start Chrome.exe

disc “C:\Program Files (x86)\Wunderlist2”

start Wunderlist.exe


The content above is a case of one accomplished for beginning Google Chrome and Wunderlist simultaneously.

At last, go to File > Save as, and in the Save as type, pick All documents. Affix .bat toward the finish of the File name. For instance, we utilized batchfile.bat.

3) Create an alternate route with the clump record

Dispatch File Explorer and go to the index wherein you need the alternate route that opens different applications. You can do it on your work area. Right-click on the void area and select New > Shortcut from the setting menu.

Enter the way to the recently made group record in the Type the area of the thing field. On the other hand, hit Browse to discover the record. Subsequent to getting the area, click on the Next catch beneath.

Give the easy route a name that you’ll recall and hit the Finish button.