How to Grow your business with TikTok Ads

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Reach new diverse audiences Grow your business and reach new audiences by connecting with the consumers of tomorrow in 20+ markets worldwide through TikTok Ads, an all-in-one marketing solutions platform across some of the world’s fastest-growing mobile apps.

The TikTok community is built around inspiring creativity and bringing joy through short-form mobile video. We are thrilled to give brands the opportunity to connect with our millions of users by embracing the native, natural, and creative content on TikTok.

TikTok isn’t just another app, it’s a unique platform that will let you find and express your brand’s own voice, while also giving users the chance to become powerful brand ambassadors. Content on our platform is fun and authentic and enables almost any genre or subject to get the attention it deserves. Being an early adopter on TikTok also allows for testing different ideas, which are often rewarded with engagement and awareness not found on other platforms.

Basically, there are six different TikTok ad formats, namely:

  1. In-feed video ads
  2. Brand takeover
  3. Hashtag challenges
  4. Branded lens
  5. Top views
  6. Custom influencer.

TikTok is a global phenomenon, and you can always use TikTok ad formats to harness the power of the world’s rapidly growing social media app.

We’ll like to conclude by stating that even though TikTok is still in its early growth stages, there are tons of opportunities to jump in and get noticed on the platform.

One way to do that is by leveraging the TikTok ad formats we talked about in this article.

It’s now over to you.

If you’ve not leveraged TikTok advertising as part of your social media strategy, now is the time to do so.