How to Fix SQL Server Installation Error 1639

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I was taking a shot at a basic SAP movement venture where we were relocating all SAP parts from Oracle to SQL Server. One of the applications that isn’t a center SAP segment additionally should have been moved as a component of the relocation. The issue with this segment was that merchant didn’t uphold this application past SQL Server 2008 R2 for that particular adaptation. At the point when I was introducing SQL Server 2008 R2 to relocate the information, I confronted blunder 1639 during the establishment. Despite the fact that I had this blunder with SQL Server 2008 R2, this mistake is a lot of pertinent to any of most recent renditions of SQL Server.


As I referenced, when we were introducing SQL Server I was confronted with blunder 1639 when introducing SQL Server 2008 R2. Here I will clarify the means I took and how I fixed the issue..

SQL Server Installation Error 1639

Stage 1:

I dispatched SQL Server establishment focus and continued with the establishment. I finished each necessary boundary during establishment, yet my establishment fizzled with blunder 1639.

You can see all SQL Server parts neglected to introduce in the above screen capture. Just the SQL Client Connectivity SDK part has been introduced.

At the point when I tapped on Next catch I got the beneath screen capture with the establishment log document way.

Stage 2:

I chose to glance in to the synopsis log document to fix this issue. I tapped on the rundown log record way given in the above screen capture. Here is the synopsis log document which recommended investigating another log record as appeared in the underneath screen capture.

I opened the above featured log record to see more subtleties. At the point when I opened the document, I saw blunder 1639 caught there as appeared beneath in the featured lines.

Stage 3:

The underlying driver of this issue was straightforward, I put the SQL Server arrangement records under a catalog named “SQL Server 2008”. You can see the spaces among sql and worker and 2008. This was the principle issue which makes the establishment fizzle.

To fix this issue, I eliminated the clear spaces in the envelope name. You could likewise enter an underscore (_) or any character instead of the clear spaces to fix this issue. You can see underneath I have taken out the spaces in the organizer name.

Stage 4:

Next, I chose to uninstall SQL Server from this information base worker. I eliminated the bombed establishment of SQL Server from the worker utilizing “Add and Remove Programs” as we by and large do on any Windows machine. I rebooted the worker post uninstalling SQL Server.

Stage 5:

When the worker came on the web, I went to the establishment envelope and began the establishment again by right tapping on the arrangement document and picking “Run as overseer” to begin the SQL Server

Stage 6:

I followed every window and entered all the necessary qualities and boundaries to make this establishment effective. This time SQL Server introduced effectively on this worker.

Stage 7:

Next, I associated with the introduced occurrence of SQL Server to approve the establishment. I associated utilizing sqlcmd and SQL Server Management Studio. The following is the screen capture of sqlcmd, where I had the option to effectively associated with this SQL Server example and checked the introduced rendition by running SELECT @@VERSION.

I additionally approved this establishment by associating with the information base motor with SQL Server Management Studio. You can see I effectively settled an information base association with the SQL Server 2008