How to Fix a Black Screen After Updating Windows 10

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A few Windows 10 PCs have been rebooting to a dark screen subsequent to introducing the June 2019 total update from Windows Update. This appears to be alarming from the start, yet fortunately there’s a handy solution that will tackle your concern.

On the off chance that your Windows 10 PC reboots to a dark screen, simply press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your console. Windows 10’s ordinary Ctrl+Alt+Del screen will show up. Snap the force button at the base right corner of your screen and select “Restart” to restart your PC.

As indicated by Microsoft’s help report, this will tackle your concern. Your PC will restart typically without any dark screen.

It’s muddled what caused this issue—simply one more issue with a Windows 10 update. However, it’s a decent update that Ctrl+Alt+Del can get your PC out of a wide range of unusual states. Ctrl+Alt+Del is useful for something other than opening a Task Manager.

In the event that this arrangement doesn’t help fix a PC with a dark screen, here are some other likely arrangements:

Utilize the Win+Ctrl+Shift+B hotkey blend to restart your PC’s designs drivers. This may fix a few issues.

Persuasively shut down your PC—you’ll lose all work in the event that you do this, yet once in a while it’s your lone alternative. To do this, press and hold your PC’s actual force button until it closes down. Stand by a couple of moments and afterward press the force catch to turn it back in.

Ensure your console and mouse are associated with your PC and have battery power—genuinely! Your PC may simply show a dark screen on the off chance that it turns down the presentation for power-sparing mode. There’s a possibility your console is unplugged or your mouse lost battery power and your PC can’t get the info.