How to find right product sell online – Product Research

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If you are a business owner and already selling offline & want to start selling online then Amazon will be the best place to begin.
But if you are thinking of building a business online by selling on Amazon & not sure what to sell, then this is where you need to begin.

Product Research

The real success of your business depends on finding the products that have,
  • Demand
  • Good Profit Margin
  • Less competition

6 Steps Process To Sell On Amazon:

  1. Find a product that is trending/having a good demand on Amazon
  2. Find a wholesaler on Indiamart/Alibaba. Most of the time you can find it on Indiamart
  3. Negotiate the price & place the order
  4. Get the sample product & check the quality
  5. Get the listing on Amazon
  6. Start getting the orders.
In this, the first step is the real challenging part.
There are multiple ways to find a product to sell. In this post, I am going to show two of my favorite methods with a real example.


Visit the bestseller page on Amazon.
Go to the category that you are interested in. Under each category, you can find there are 100’s of sub-categories.
I suggest you look at the bestseller list of both main and sub-categories. First look at the main category but the more depth you go the better product you will find.
Choose the products that resonate with you and start finding a vendor for it.


Say if you want to sell baby products, visit websites that sell it such as Look at how they have categorized the products. If they have a separate category on their site(meaning), they are selling well and that’s why they created a separate category.

Happy selling!