How to enable or disable Reset Sync in Microsoft Edge browser

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This alternative remaining parts covered up or debilitated naturally, however you can empower Reset sync with some basic advances. Afterward, you can incapacitate or kill Reset sync at whatever point you need it. Until further notice, this element is accessible with Dev and Canary adaptations of the Edge program, however it will likewise come in the steady form.

Empower or incapacitate Reset Sync in Microsoft Edge

Dispatch and update Edge program

Open banners page

Access Enable reset sync to turn it on

Access Sync under Profiles segment

Utilize Reset sync button

Mood killer or impair Reset sync.

Open the Edge program and afterward update it by getting to the About Microsoft Edge page. Type the accompanying way in the location bar of Edge program


It will naturally refresh the program and afterward you’ll need to restart the Edge program.

Presently access the Enable reset sync alternative in the banners page of Microsoft Edge program utilizing this way:


Three choices are accessible in the drop-down menu of Enable reset sync banner: Default, Disabled, and Enabled. Default and Disabled choices are accessible to kill the reset sync highlight and the Enabled alternative is there to turn it on. Thus, utilize the Enabled choice and restart the program.

Presently access the Profiles area on the Settings page of Microsoft Edge. The way is:


From that point onward, click on the Sync choice accessible in the correct area.

Turn on sync on the off chance that it isn’t now. From that point onward, look down, and you will see the Reset sync area. Press the Reset sync catch and you’re finished.

To kill or debilitate the Reset sync highlight, you can basically get to a similar Enable Reset Sync banner, and set the Disabled or Default alternative.