Hidden tricks you didn’t know your iPhone could do

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Both iPhones and Android devices have their pros and cons, but the general consensus is that iOS is a little easier to pick up and use, while Android offers more in the way of customization and configuration. Still, simple as Apple’s operating system seems, you can find plenty of advanced features hidden below its polished surface.
Use the keyboard as a trackpad
Did you know the iPhone keyboard can double as a trackpad? With this feature, you’ll be able to move the cursor more accurately and jump to bits of text, all without having to tap on the screen. To use it, you’ll need an iPhone with 3D Touch capabilities (iPhone 6S or newer), and this trick also works on any iPad.

On the iPhone, firmly press and hold anywhere on the keyboard to activate the trackpad. Once the keyboard goes blank, you’re in business. Then, drag your finger around to move the cursor through the text. On an iPad, drag two fingers in any direction on the keyboard to activate trackpad mode.
You might not have realized that the built-in iOS measurement app has leveling capabilities. Even if you did, you might not not have picked up on some of the things it can do. To find it, open Measure and tap Level on the right.

You can use the level with your phone laid flat or perched on its side in either portrait or landscape mode. If you want to measure the difference between two surfaces or are dealing with a set surface that’s not perfectly horizontal or vertical, tap the screen to set the angle to zero. Then move your phone—the red area will show you how much the two angles vary.
Hit backspace in Calculator
If you spend a lot of time inside the iOS Calculator app, you know the frustration of mistyping a digit and having to start the calculation all over again. This hidden backspace function means you won’t have to hit the C or AC buttons every time you make a mistake. Just swipe to the left or right at the top of the screen where the digits are displayed. The motion acts as a backspace command, and will remove the number you entered last.
Hide your private photos
We all hand our phones over to friends when we want to share photos or videos. But what if your collection includes sensitive images you’d rather not show anyone else? Luckily, the iPhone makes it easy to hide your most personal pictures from view.
Go to bed on time
In addition to letting you set alarms so you’ll wake up on time, iOS will help you stick to a given bedtime. Open up the Clock app on your iPhone and then tap on the Bedtime link at the bottom to get started.