Explore Free Facebook Blueprint Courses for Those Who Want to Take Their Businesses Online

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Want to bring your business online but don’t know where to start? This series will help you establish your digital presence and connect with customers.


Course 1: Decide Who You Want to Reach

Learn how to connect with the people most likely to be interested in your business online.

  • Understand Audiences
  • Create a Target Audience for Your Business

Course 2: Map the Customer Journey

Learn how experiences lead people to make purchases so you can reach them at the right moment.

  • Understand the Customer Journey
  • Map Your Customers’ Journey

Course 3: Set Marketing Goals

Learn how to set achievable goals that make sense for your business.

  • Why SMART Goals Matter
  • Set SMART Marketing Goals

Course 4: Select Your Social Media Channels

Learn which social media channels make the most sense for your business.

  • Understand the Social Media Landscape
  • Create a Social Media Map for Your Business

Course 5: Tell Your Business Story

Learn how to communicate the story and values of your business online.

  • What Is a Brand?
  • Create a Brand for Your Business

Course 6: Create and Manage a Content Calendar

Learn how to plan your messages on social media to keep your audience engaged and informed. Use our free template to get started.

  • The Importance of a Content Calendar
  • Create a Content Calendar for Your Business

Course 7: Create Authentic Messages

Learn how to connect with your audience on social media in a meaningful way.

  • Tips and Tools for Creating Social Media Content
  • Plan Your Social Media Content

Course 8: Stay Connected to Customers Online

Learn how to create your free online presence to connect with your customers on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Choose Where to Establish an Online Presence
  • Create Free Social Media Accounts for Your Business
  • Give Visitors a Warm Welcome

Course 9: Bring Your Business Online With Instagram

Learn how to create a business account on Instagram and set up a profile with basic information about your business.

  • Set Up a Business Account on Instagram
  • Create a Profile for Your Business

Course 10: Attract an Audience on Social Media

Learn how to identify and attract your audience online with Facebook and Instagram.

  • Understand Your Audience
  • Attract an Audience on Facebook and Instagram

Course 11: Engage With People and Build an Audience

Learn how to engage your audience with posts, stories, and messages on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Establish Relationships With Your Customers on Facebook and Instagram
  • Find Opportunities for Engagement
  • Build Community through Posts, Stories, and Messages

Course 12: Plan What to Post on Instagram

Learn how to discover what other businesses are sharing, get ideas from other accounts, and use that inspiration to create posts for your business.

  • Get Inspired About What to Post on Instagram
  • Tips for Creating Instagram Posts

Course 13: Communicate With Customers on WhatsApp

Learn how experiences lead people to make purchases so you can reach them at the right moment.

  • Connect With People Where They Connect With Each Other
  • Establish a Presence for Your Business
  • Organize Your Customer Communication

Course 14: Set Up Digital Gift Cards for Your Business

Learn how to start offering digital gift cards on Facebook and Instagram.

  • How Gift Cards Can Help Your Business
  • How to Offer Gift Cards on Facebook and Instagram
  • Let Your Customers Know About Gift Cards

Take all courses for free. Happy Learning…